Clongowes Ladies Association Annual Fine Art Exhibition 2020

Since 2006 the Clongowes Ladies Association have been organising an art exhibition in the college. The concept is to exhibit artworks in any medium that has been created by people with a link to the college. Over the years we have exhibited the work of parents and relations of the pupils together with the work of OC's and their  parents and related to Clongowes. In 2020 a physical presence in the school is not possible and accordingly, like many events, we are moving online. The aim of the exhibition is two fold, to expose the boys to art created by their relations, peers and former pupils and also to raise money for the AHP scholarship. 

This exhibition has now finished and  Many thanks to those who purchased works of art. We are keeping this site online but in a reduced format primarily in order to retain the domain so that it can be reactivated should we require it again in 2021. Accordingly the only artworks on the site are those of the Art Convenor.

Why Choose Us?

The artists this year who have made this exhibition possible are Jacinta Crowley-Long (OC Alumni Mother), Michael Mulcahy (OC), Anne Mina (grandmother of OC, Helen Cremin (OC Alumni mother), Roisin Monahan (OC alumni mother), Donal Murray (OC Alumni Uncle), Fasih Mebuin (Sister of a current Clongownian) , Margaret Brennan (teaching staff at Clongowes), Mary Coolen (grandmother of a current Clongownian), Wendy O'Donohoe (grandmother of OC) and Daniel Groome (current Clongownian).

The artists are professional, amateur and emerging artists all with a connection with Clongowes. This is an annual popular event staged usually in the Concourse of Clongowes.  The Ladies Association have hosted the event for the last 14 years usually coinciding with the Christmas concerts and the festivities leading up to Christmas. We hope to be in situ in our usual exhibition space in 2021.

In the reduced site the only paintings being shown are those of the Art Convenor. The reason for this is that it makes it easier to ensure the artworks have not already been sold through another channel.

Should you wish to enquire about any of the other artists, please send an email and we will put you in touch directly.